Love Bites

Love Bites: An anti-love affair

Sick of the roses, smooches and soppy displays of love? That was never our thing anyway. Tiger’s Milk presents LOVE BITES – a total anti-love affair. Think tequila on tap and one night stands, just don’t drunk dial your ex. We’re not looking for love, we’re looking for a good time.

Keeping in line with the Tiger’s Milk mantra of Innocence Lost, Valentine’s Day presented the perfect opportunity for something different from your standard date night. We wanted to bring together the broken hearts, the angry hearts and the lonely hearts in an attempt to rekindle love, spark a new flame or drink away the sorrows of what used to be.

Our offering? Two for one tequilas for a kick of liquid luck, presented by topless male models with abs that could literally grate the cheese on your nachos.

Of course we want our fans to drink responsibly – make sure to grab your complimentary Tiger’s Milk condom as you leave, with a glaring Darth Vader warning you he will NOT be your father.

Love Bites 2

This anti-love campaign was rolled out nationwide, featuring DJ Dino Live at Tiger’s Milk Muizenberg, Roy Hendrix live at Century City, DJ Rane at Tiger’s Milk Lynnwood Bridge and DJ Justin Sarrao at Tiger’s Milk Bryanston. Tiger’s Milk Kloof Street was humming with young professionals and “girls night” gangs, while Tiger’s Milk Claremont and Tiger’s Milk Long Street drew a quieter, more “loved up” crowd. Tiger’s Milk Stellenbosch was of course overflowing with the local “maties,” enjoying our 2 for 1 burger and drinks special.

As for next year? We’ll be doing it all again, we promise our lonely lovers and hopeful hearts that you can always come to Tiger’s Milk for a good time – Valentine’s Day or not.